An ever-growing suite of stars designed to support and measure change

About Outcomes Star...

The Outcomes Star is a growing collection of tools that can be used by workers and clients in a wide variety of human services to have important conversations about change.

Outcomes Stars help workers and clients to collaborate in:

  • creating a shared picture of how things are in the clients’ life,
  • working out where to put their energy and the kinds of steps they can take, and
  • noticing when things are getting better for the client.

There are now 30 different “Stars” each carefully designed with feedback from service users in various sectors, e.g. The Homelessness Star for people facing homelessness, The Recovery Star for people living with significant mental health concerns, The Empowerment Star for women living with the effects of domestic violence.

The Outcomes Stars are developed by Triangle Consulting in the United Kingdom.


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